Digitization made simple and productive with COPIBOOK  Cobalt

COPIBOOK  Cobalt is the new generation of COPIBOOK range developed by i2s. This new generation maintains its unique features and has been reinforced with innovations: using the application of your choice, new LED lighting, more ergonomics etc…


COPIBOOK  Cobalt is an ideal scanner for digitizing bound documents for formats up to DIN A2/C in high resolution (400 x 400 optical dpi). It is the best scanning solution offering high image quality and productivity. Dedicated to any kind of digitization projects, CopiBook™ Cobalt is a production scanner that provides the best return on investment.


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What are the strengths of COPIBOOK Cobalt over competitors?

COPIBOOK Cobalt benefits at glance

COPIBOOK Cobalt has been developed to achieve the highest level of benefits thanks to innovative usages andunique features.



Innovation in using a book scanner, the COPIBOOK Cobalt offers several ways to operate :

CopiTouch™ application, developed by i2s. Running on Android tablet (supplied with the scanner), this application is dedicated to production project. Our engineers designed CopiTouch for purposes of easy to use for more efficiency,

Customized interface. COPIBOOK Cobalt is an open scanner offering the opportunity to customize your interface, to use dedicated functionalities, and to share applications with your community,

CopiBook software. Since 2005, COPIBOOK is equipped by default with a software for operating the scanner. This software has been updated with more ergonomics, like full and free API, and designed with more user-friendliness. CopiBook software is based on an updated Linux OS.



As part of i2S Group internationally well-known in industrial vision, i2s DigiBook has a high level of knowledge in image technologies mastering perfectly sensor, optics, electronics, lighting and image processing technologies. This is why, the COPIBOOK Cobalt reachs a very high level of image quality (400 x 400 dpi) in terms of resolution efficiency, colors rendering and noise even … in ambient light environments. This exclusive capacity on the market has a direct impact on projects’ ROI. However, if your scanning conditions require additional light, the professional LED lighting can be turned on.



The COPIBOOK Cobalt has been developed to be a perfect production scanner with no compromise on image quality. This is why the COPIBOOK Cobalt offers a fast ROI (Return On Investments) for mass digitization projects. All technologies, components and ergonomics aspects have been optimized to reach a superior image quality with a high productivity. In addition, more ergonomics have been installed for maximizing operators’ productivity and comfort. This why the  COPIBOOK Cobalt is equipped with multi-automatic and intuitive capture modes (glass, foot switch, flip page detection), book cradle with easy access from three sides, sitting or standing operating mode, non agressive LED lighting, and a 16:9 23″” HD screen for a real time optimized image quality control.



With a chain of design, conception and manufacture driven by high quality guidelines, all COPIBOOK Cobalt are particularly robust and reliable. Even the camera has no mechanical shutter for a longer life cycle. This is why, since 2005 more than 1.300 COPIBOOK are operating successfully for nearly 850 customers worldwide as libraries, archives, universities, town halls, governmental organizations as well as service providers.


The conception of the COPIBOOK Cobalt has taken into account the use of very fragile documents. This is why the three sides scanning plate access, the motorized book cradle, the additional lighting technology are optimized to respect and minimize the contact with the documents.

Our 30 years of expertise bring many unique features to COPIBOOK  Cobalt summarized as following:

  • customized interface embedded into a tablet
  • real time previw
  • automatic region of interest, page cropping, calibrations
  • page turning detection
  • embedded processings
  • multilingual
  • remote maintenance function
  • digitizing in ambient light or with professional LED lighting
  • 5 cm depth of field at 600 dpi
  • stand-alone scanning station
首頁掃描器掃描圖例scanCOPIBOOK Cobalt  High productivity A2 book scanner with high image quality

LED Lighting

     -LED lighting bar

     -No UV, no IR

     -Long life lighting

     -No shadow nor reflection on the document

     -Controlled by CopiBook software

Android Tablet

     -Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

     -7’’ LCD screen

     -CopiTouch™ application embedded

     -Open for other applications


     -CCD camera with matrice sensor

     -From 200 to 600 dpi on A2

     -COPIBOOK  Cobalt:

          -Optical resolution: 400 x 400 dpi

          -Scan time for A2 format at 400 dpi: 3,4 s in color and 1,4 s in greyscale

     -No mechanical shutter: long-life cycle camera.

     -No Bayer filter: full sensor resolution for R, G & B channels.

     -Real-time preview.

     -Fully automatic focus, black and white balance, calibration, auto-exposure

     -Document format automatic detection

     -Same speed whatever the document format.

Book cradle

     -The book cradle covers document formats up to 420 x 640 mm (16.5 x        25.2”).

     -The maximum thickness is 10 cm for a maximum of 10 kg (3.9” / 22 lbs).

     -Motorized up and down motion.

     -Self-opening embedded glass with very safe pressure adjustment.

     -Automatic capture when pulling down the glass.

     -90° glass parking position when scanning without glass.


     -Multi-automatic and intuitive capture modes (glass, foot switch, flip page        detection).

     -Book cradle with easy access from three sides.

     -Sitting or standing operating mode.

     -No aggressive light (LED lighting)

     -A 16:9 23” HD screen for a real time optimized image quality control       (optional).


COPIBOOK Assistant is a software extension that comes with CopiBook™ scanner and should be installed on a third computer. COPIBOOK  Assistant is an administration software offering locally or remotely three major functions:

-Control and manage the configurations of one or more COPIBOOK scanners,

-Update the firmware, the software or the language catalogue,

-Control the COPIBOOK  scanners for diagnosis and assistance when troubleshooting



FORMATS DIN A2 / D (2 x A3) MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS 420 mm (16.5”) (h) x 640 mm (25.2”) (w) MAXIMUM THICKNESS 10 cm (3.9”) MAXIMUM WEIGHT 10 kg (22 lbs) PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS

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